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Characterizing isolated myocyte excitation-contraction coupling and function can be challenging and time-consuming. CytoCypher started out late 2015, with the goal to develop the first High Throughput system for cardiac myocyte research. This system should enable you to acquire data from a much greater number of myocytes, improving statistical power and greater accuracy and confidence.

Together with Optics11 and IonOptix it took us a year and a half to develop our first prototype. After thorough testing we could deliver the first complete MultiCell system in the summer of 2017. Our systems are now sold worldwide to universities and pharmaceutical companies.

The large data sets acquired with our system also demands faster and easier data analysis. Therefore, we also developed a fully automated analysis software. This program analyses the data acquired with our system but can also be used for old files generated with any IonOptix system. This software program was also brought out in the same summer of 2017.

We are now working hard on the next generation products with our Amsterdam based team.