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The CytoCypher MultiCell system offers fully-automated identification and mechanical phenotype quantification from hundreds of myocytes per hour.

The CytoCypher MultiCell system offers fast mechanical Myocyte Data Acquisition from hundreds of myocytes per hour by using our automated cell finding image analysis method. The MultiCell system includes a fast x-y-z position programmable scanning microscope which can mark and find position, size, focus and orientation of the myocytes thus enabling repeated measures of contraction-relaxation function. Additionally, the enclosed microscope maintains stable temperature while allowing full access for introduction of perfusion systems as well as electrical stimulation leads.

Characterizing excitation-contraction coupling and function in isolated myocytes can be challenging and time-consuming. While studies utilizing IonOptix’ standard Calcium and Contractility system have proven extremely valuable in the past, higher throughput is required to accommodate faster drug discovery and a growing motivation in basic research toward large scale, rapid data collection and analysis. Isolated myocytes display a high degree of functional variability, which can result in poor characterization of key parameters calculating myocyte dynamics. Acquiring data from a much greater number of myocytes provides the statistical power to characterize myocyte function with greater accuracy and confidence. In the pharmaceutical setting, this is a significant enhancement in phenotype quantification as it expedites assessment of drug efficacy/toxicity and greatly reduces costs by eliminating dangerous or marginal compounds.

IonOptix turn-key systems have long been the gold standard for Calcium and Contractility measurements, offering everything needed for precise acquisition and analysis. The CytoCypher MultiCell system does not compromise on any aspect of that system. Every detail of the measurement has been thoroughly considered to maintain the highest level of precision.


Camera - A high-speed camera which shoots 160 frames per second at Full HD and 250 frames per second at ¾ HD.
- Attached with a C-Mount adapter.
Light A LED Based light source which is good for low noise and high levels of brightness in the excitations pathway.
Objective Moves in X-Y-Z direction and reaches the next field of view in less than 100ms without moving the dish with cells.
Microscope Fully integrated software to operate the microscope.
Temperature Controlled temperature with constant temperature at 37 °C.
Cell Finding - Manually finding and measuring up to 200 cells per hour.
- Automatically finding and measuring up to … cells per hour. (Checks for contractility, shape and visual quality)
Measurements Simultaneous measurement of radiometric fluorescence (calcium) and contractility